L - R: Pranoy, Ajoy and Prashun


[kay - ray - huck - loo] - noun

1. Definition: the shelter (‘haklu’) by the lake (‘kere’)

2. Origin: 11th - 12th Century Kannada language

Kerehaklu is our home. It is a green haven tucked away in the Western Ghats – which will inspire you to gather yourself, unwind and create. The plantation is spread across 270 acres and is a 15 minute drive from the closest village of Aldur, making it a secluded getaway populated with diverse flora and fauna. 


The space and activities radiate comfort and allow you to calm yourself away from all the commotion.


Ajoy: A fourth-generation coffee planter with immense knowledge of the area, Ajoy has spent his adult life combining traditional and scientific processes of cultivation and conservation. The plantation and how it stands today is all thanks to his experience and attention to detail. See if you can name more species, we dare you!

Pranoy: Having completed his Bachelor's in Biology in Sydney, Pranoy is now looking to make people more mindful of the biodiversity in the Western Ghats through our produce. He is focusing on the history of the interactions between indigenous and introduced species – and what better way than through our avocados and coffee?

Prashun (alumnus): After two years of closely observing and documenting Kerehaklu’s wildlife movements, Prash is now dealing with fish for traffic in Melbourne. He visits the best dive sites in the world as an SSI Scuba instructor and expedition leader. We are not jealous at all...