We have over fifty avocado trees, planted to serve as second-tier shade trees in the 1980s around Kerehaklu. Out of the eight varieties, seven of them fruit and are harvested - the eighth being a pair of Hass saplings, grown from seeds brought over by Prashun from Melbourne in September 2018. 

Our avocado season is from May to November and we have supplied to Bangalore, New Delhi, Goa and Jaipur - mainly to homes and also some restaurants.


Peppercorns are native to South India and we have been lucky to grow it for so many decades. The Panniyur variety grow as vines on our shade trees and are harvested with ladders from February to April every year. Our goal is to have every shade tree with a vine by the end of 2020. 

Green peppercorns are available pickled in brine and black are available in small jars or mills. 


Seasonal fruits, veggies, tubers and herbs


Around Kerehaklu, you will come across an array of flora during different seasons. Some planted over the years while others are some that occur naturally, foraged for by our ancestors.


Devanahalli pomelos, Indian jackfruit, Cluster figs, Arka mridula guavas, mango ginger, Allepey turmeric and chayotes are a few of the different plants which are a part of our ecosystem that we are delighted to cook with on a daily basis.


Shahtoot mulberries 


In 1987, we planted one Shahtoot mulberry sapling bought from a small nursery in Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu. We have then made grafts to make two more trees that fruit twice a year - June and November.

The long, reddish-purple berries are tart, sweet versatile fruits that can be baked into pies or cooked into a jam.