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We have been producing Arabica, Robusta and Liberica coffee since 1953 - it's pretty much in our blood. Most importantly, we are proud to do this in coexistence with the local biodiversity of our area.

Since 2019, we have been shifting our attention to post-harvest processing and the final cup. We have been adding infrastruture, upping our fermentation game and met some amazing roaster-partners along the way who now source Kerehaklu coffee around the world.


With an annual rainfall of 80 inches per annum, our estate is at an altitude of 3750 feet on average - home to Arabica Selections 5B, 6, 795, Chandragiri (Sarchimor), 9, 10, and Robusta varietals CxR, 274, TR9 and Peradeniya, as well as small amounts of the elusive Anokhi Liberica.


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The old school washed, honey and naturally processed coffees have now been replaced by not just various experimental but several replicable processes - ranging from small nanolots to a-few-tonne large lots. 

We largely work with the microflora of our area but also do use some special yeasts, bacteria and more recently fungi like koji to see how far we can go with the sensorial boundaries.

Our recent experiments include a Pichia yeast Arabica, a Koji Liberica and several, several others. We continue to explore these avenues - all to get you those delicious cuppa joes.

Green bean samples can be provided upon request.


Our specialty coffees have been profiled-roasted by a number of roasters in different parts.

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