At Kerehaklu, all our single-origin specialty coffees are biodiversity-friendly and grown sustainably under the shade of several species of trees indigenous to the Indian subcontinent - varieties of wild fig, jungle mango, jackfruit, Java plum, pomelos, lemons, oranges, Indian beech, rosewood and red cedar notably.


We have an array of Arabica and Robusta varieties, which have been cupped (taste-aroma profiled by Q-graders) and rated specialty coffees - all while coexisting in harmony with the local biodiversity. 

Altitude: 3750 feet above mean sea level on average

Processing methods: Washed, whiskey barrel aged, honey processed and naturals

Varieties: Specialty Arabica Selections 5B, 6, 795, Cauvery, Chandragiri (Sarchimor), 9, 10 and Specialty Robusta Selections CxR, 274 and Peradeniya as well as small amounts of Anokhi Liberica

Annual rainfall: 80 inches per annum

Cupping reports: Can be provided upon request

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Kerehaklu coffees have been roasted and bagged by specialty roasters in both India and Australia. 

 L - R: Disciple Roasters, Kaffa Cerrado, Bili Hu